"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about."

-PattiSue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

mercoledì 15 febbraio 2012

Langley 8K - McLean VA

... well, somebody already figured out ... there was more than the Country Road Run 5 mile last Sunday ... 

Around 9AM we left Olney MD and we drove south along the Beltway towards McLean. At 10AM we were at the starting line of the DCRRC Langley 8k.

The race was the fifth chapter of the 2011-2012 Snowball Series. Starting at Langley HS, the course is a challenging out-and-back route through a residential area with several twists, turns and hills (click here for a course map).

It was a fun run, even with the chilly wind and the low temperatures ... and that's even more true because I managed not to miss a single turn during the course ... as it happened last year ...

Here the link to the results.

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