"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about."

-PattiSue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

giovedì 17 maggio 2012

Mother's Day 4-miler - Reston VA

On Mother's Day we choose to race a fairly unusual distance, a 4 miler in north Reston (Virginia).

Well organized race (perfect organization is becoming now a standard for the Potomac River Running Race Series) on a tough, hilly course.
As usual shirts were great and flowers for moms at the end were a nice touch.

The race, which benefits Devotion To Children (DTC), started on Baron Cameron Avenue and finished at Browns Chapel Park.

Here the final results.

BTW: Great race Hugh, it's good to see that you have fully recovered from your injuries! 

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